Sailing around New Zealand

Emily is sailing solo around New Zealand on her 32 foot yacht Honey, from Lyttelton south down the east coast, around the bottom of Stewart Island, up the west coast of the South and North Islands and down the east coast back to Lyttelton. The whole adventure is expected to take 3 months. This blog will provide updates as I travel (when I have mobile reception to upload).

Thursday, 10 January 2013

At the mercy of the wild southern weather

I'm all set to leave to head down to Stewart Island, restocked on food, water and diesel. It has been gale force winds since I arrived in Dunedin, except for a calm few hours in the evening yesterday before it unexpectantly blew 40+ knots overnight. It looked like a weather break for tomorrow and Saturday, now not too sure whether it is closing in... Rather than leaving the mooring now, I'll reassess this evening and then again at 3am. (I need to leave the mooring with the high tide, which is now and in the early hours of the morning).

If I do go overnight, then there is no mobile phone coverage in Stewart Island or Fiordland, so I may not be able to update my blog for weeks. I do plan to maintain my blog, and will upload when I'm next able to. (If I can, I will try to gain access to the internet in Oban (Stewart Island) before I head further south). You will be able to track my progress from the Spot Tracker. When I leave I will send an "Ok" message; while I am travelling 10 minute updates will show with my position (when I am visible to the satellites, it won't work when I'm in the cabin or under the bimini); and when I'm safely anchored at my destination I will send another "Ok" message. If I hit bad weather, I can also send a message to that effect. Now I'm just hoping for this weather window to be sufficient to leave on...


  1. Hi Emily,

    Awesome to see that you are on the way. Be careful out there through this next wild bit. Have a most excellent adventure.

    Tim and Nina

  2. Hi Emily,

    Great to see that you have reached Stewart Island - Well done and congratulations. Looking forward to reading the blog and catctching up with your adventure. :-)

    Bet your ready for a bit of a well desrved break.

    Thinking of you,

    Chris and Maddi x

  3. Well done, Emily. You are doing so well. I think Sunday night is pub quiz night at the South Sea Hotel tonight in Oban, if you're up for it. But maybe you'll be ready for a well earned rest instead. Whatever, enjoy! As Chris says, we are looking forward to your next blog and piccies. Maddi x

  4. Hi Emily!
    What a great adventure! One that I have dreamt of most part of my life. Up here in Sweden the Baltic is frozen and reading about your journey is a feast for a sailing-starved Swede :).

    I wish you fair winds and a safe trip!

    Eric Horwitz

  5. Hi Emily, enjoying reading your progress. Take care and have fun. Cheers Rosheen