Sailing around New Zealand

Emily is sailing solo around New Zealand on her 32 foot yacht Honey, from Lyttelton south down the east coast, around the bottom of Stewart Island, up the west coast of the South and North Islands and down the east coast back to Lyttelton. The whole adventure is expected to take 3 months. This blog will provide updates as I travel (when I have mobile reception to upload).

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Finally a break in the weather

With the weather looking nasty, Tim and I took off to Peel Forest for a couple of nights - to get out of Lyttelton, take a break from boat preparations and get some much needed rest. Feeling refreshed, except for a lack of sleep last night when the norwest wind gusted to about 70 knots - I was really pleased not to be out on the water in those winds! - we arrived back this afternoon, I stocked up on perishables, and now have packed clothes so all ready to go.

It looks like the southerly that has just hit should pass by the early morning, so I will finally be able to set sail! My plan is to leave from Lyttelton at about 11am tomorrow and head to Akaroa - this will be a bit of a "shakedown" trip before the next leg. Assuming the weather holds, I will then be off to Port Chalmers (Dunedin) the following morning. The next southerly front looks set to come through on Saturday night, so not enough time to make a run all the way to Stewart Island, but at least I'll be half way there. Really pleased to finally be getting on my way!!

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